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Rescuing doomed development just in time

Posted 5/1/2013

Expanding power generation company

Background to organisation

With a large and growing amount of power generation equipment in the field, the company needed world-wide asset condition monitoring of every item.


The company's proprietary equipment output the necessary signals but a monitoring solution based on business intelligence tools was overloaded. The asset management team had huge experience of asset intelligence, including previously writing such software in-house. They were poised to commission brand new software from a well-respected and trusted software developer with relevant business and technical expertise. The development programme would run 1-3 years.

Project approach

The team's previous searches for off-the-shelf software had proved fruitless. By applying our approach to finding candidates, we found four credible suppliers. The client team was surprised, but the subsequent evaluation proved one solution had capabilities they could only dream of, and was available off-the-shelf immediately.


The off-the-shelf supplier was keen to break into a new sector and offered substantial discounts. The new solution started working quickly. A change of business priorities meant the long-term software development project would have been cancelled - this would have left the client stranded, with no effective software.

Client comment - Head of Predictive Asset Management

"We found the process easier and more enjoyable than we expected and everyone saw both the logic of the approach and how important it was to participate. Those who were not on the initial software selection working party started demanding to be let in as the project gained momentum."

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