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When selecting technology has to be more than an educated guess

People deserve good technology in the workplace. Yet the traditional decision-making, evaluation, selection and procurement practises in organisations only rarely deliver it. Personal technology often outclasses corporate capabilities - the employee's home internet connection is faster, their personal smart phone is more expensive, with software that is more usable and fit for purpose. Employees can find themselves bypassing their organisation's infrastructure to get access to facilities that meet their high expectations.

People deserve good technology in the workplace. They are set high targets and often can only make those targets with access to information. The systems imposed limit access to information, yet they can be sanctioned for missing targets. We address this disconnect and help you to close the execution gap between intention and delivery.

Our involvement in the scoping, feasibility study, readiness assessment, evaluation, selection, procurement or implementation stages of your technology selection project brings good solutions to the workplace - whether on-premise off-the-shelf installations, cloud services or technology providers. People are consulted, and can see clearly that their involvement affects the outcome. The ultimate decision-makers have confidence that they have made the right choice.

Problems during implementations usually comprise 5% technology, 15% process and 80% people-related issues. Our methods find you the best-fitting technology, and do so in a way that addresses the process issues and engages the people.

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