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Decision Evaluation helps you to make good technology decisions on time

About you

This site is for senior managers in commercial and not-for-profit organisations who need to:

  • Re-plan the technology estate to integrate new components
  • Make technology procurement decisions both quickly and reliably
  • Tackle organisational change and unite diverse interest groups in joint projects
  • Choose the solution, supplier, outsourcing contract or cloud service that fits best
  • Negotiate great technology deals, or renegotiate poor ones
  • Decide where technology spending should be directed
  • Enhance their career by sponsoring or managing effective technology projects
  • Trust that specialist advice is in their interests rather than those of the adviser.

About us

We are a specialist technology consultancy. We help clients to exploit off-the-shelf solutions by contributing to the feasibility study, business case, scoping, evaluation, selection, negotiation, contract, readiness assessment and implementation.

We apply our unique combination of methods to technology procurement. We have developed a way of organising all the crucial factors to accommodate multiple options, multiple criteria and multiple decision-makers. We use a process that does not challenge your authority, but may challenge the available information or situational awareness. By using an approach that is independent, and manifestly fair, we can bring big improvements.

Since our formation in 1992, we have taken a long-term view of our projects and client relations. Decision Evaluation remains professional, ethical and impartial - qualities our clients appreciate. We believe the best advert is a happy customer, and can provide reference sites, often clients that engaged us for multiple projects or are using solutions that we helped them to select that remain fit for purpose as much as 10 years later.

Our skills network

Decision Evaluation has built an impressive network of contacts and associates. Many specialists are independent and do not advertise. We occasionally sub-contract these people at client request, but more often we refer clients to the recommended providers on a goodwill basis (without referral fee) to form a direct relationship.

All our people combine methodologies with wide, deep practical experience to deliver the benefits with greater certainty and speed.

Martin Tate - methods for technology decision-making

Decision Evaluation founder Martin TateDecision Evaluation founder Martin TateMartin Tate is the founder of Decision Evaluation Ltd. His contribution is to get senior committees to make good decisions to time when selecting new technology or supporting services. He engineers consent from messy and controversial situations. He developed our evaluation, selection and procurement method. He turns his clients into sophisticated purchasers who buy technology that fits.

He holds an Honours Degree from the University of Durham. He is one of only 2,500 Chartered Fellows of the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT (FBCS). He is a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET). He became an Associate of (ISC)2 in July 2019, by passing CISSP.

Martin is the author of the recent book published by BCS: Off-The-Shelf IT Solutions: A practitioner's guide to selection and procurement.

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