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Off-The-Shelf IT Solutions - extras - Overall reference including checklist


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Role-Responsibility Matrix (GDPM Responsibility Chart) for selection project

This format shows typical contributions, assuming the roles and responsibilities of the selection method. One strength of this standard matrix is that you can review which people have multiple roles. See usage at book sections I.3.1 in the introduction and at 14.4.

Download (.xlsx)


Appendix 1 


Sizing questionnaire: to scope a selection project

See the Sizing questionnaire download to support Chapter 3.


Appendix 3 


Checklist: detailed method steps

This is a simple list of tasks, not a comprehensive project plan. Dependencies, durations and assigned resources will be specific to your project, so they are not applied to these task entries.

The same checklist is available in two formats. Most scheduling tools will import one of these lists, especially if you first save the Excel list to a comma-separated value (CSV) file. Note the supplemental checklist items at 16, which are additional to the list printed in Appendix 3 of the book.

Download Excel format (.xlsx)

Download Microsoft Project Exchange format (.mpx) 

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