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Off-The-Shelf IT Solutions - extras - Templates for stage: Evaluation and selection - longlist


6 Trawling the marketplace – establishing the longlist


Spreadsheet to assemble longlist

You may adapt and populate these columns as a ‘fallback’ format for recording the details of the longlisted candidates, if you do not have access to a contact database or Client Management System (CMS). See usage at book section 6.3.

Download (.xlsx)


7 Assessing longlist candidates – selecting the shortlist using the RFI


RFI supplier briefing document

This template has many standard headings and some basic content to adapt. When completed, it may be the front section of your outbound RFI, or part of a set of documents. See usage at book sections 7.4.2, 7.6.1, 7.6.2 and 7.10.

Download (.docx)


RFI questionnaire spreadsheet

This format goes to longlisted candidates as a turn-around document for them to complete and return. When completed, it may be the back section of your outbound RFI, or part of a set of documents. If maintained as a separate document, this keeps down the bulk sent back by candidates, since they only return your spreadsheet, completed. See usage at book sections 7.7 to 7.10.

Download (.xlsx)


RFI assessment summary spreadsheet

This format holds the detailed results from assessing the RFI responses (see Figure 7.2). It passes statistics into the Summary table for further tracking and decision-making (see Figure 7.3). The summary table can then be the input to decision-support graphics such as a value-for-money bubble chart (see Figure 7.4). See usage at book sections 7.13 to 7.15.

Download (.xlsx)

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