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Recommending halt of selection project to exploit existing solution

Posted 12/1/2006

Fire and Rescue Service

Background to organisation

As well as normal operational capabilities, the FRS had a large training centre that delivered fire training courses to internal delegates and external customers.


The administration of courses, delegates, instructors and resources had become too reliant on augmenting basic administration software with spreadsheets and manual processes.

Project approach

This started as a classic selection using our full approach. During requirements analysis, we always study relevant existing software in the organisation because incumbent solutions are usually a part-specification of their own replacement. We discovered that software used by another department to track competencies had some facilities for training management.


We believed that extending the competencies software into training would not only reduce the project cost but significantly reduce the organisational impact of using new software. We recommended the client halted the selection and dismiss us.

The client stopped the selection project and switched their effort to implementation discussions with the incumbent supplier.

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