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Method & technical support during carbon reduction programme at US software giant

Posted 1/1/2020

Small UK consultancy influences carbon policy at US giant

Background to organisation

Small World Consulting (SWC) is small and highly-specialised consultancy company founded by Mike Berners-Lee. SWC has a proprietary and highly-regarded approach to calculating carbon footprints.


The US software giant sought out SWC to support a high-profile carbon reduction programme. In turn, MBL sought out DecE to support the project.

Project approach

In a rapidly-evolving situation, roles were fluid and included some delegated client management during holidays. We contributed technical support to keep crucial conferencing running, technical advice during the complex modelling and provided methods & techniques.


Connecting a virtual and disparate team across several organisations and time zones, the client agreed and implemented SWC's recommended approach, with a later high-profile global launch of the initiative.

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